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8 Projects Reaffirming Stellar’s Potential

Stellar (XLM) cryptocurrency is showing steady growth in the cryptocurrency market. Perhaps the main reason for its stable position is the creation of a number of projects based on the Stellar platform.

While the Ethereum platform has opened up opportunities for the development of any blockchain-oriented application, Stellar has earned the trust of users through projects in various areas of the real economy developed on the basis of its network. 

1. The IBM Universal Payment Solution 

IBM, based on the Stellar blockchain network, was able to offer users of its payment system a universal payment solution that provides transaction transparency. Find out how IBM’s partnership with Stellar can change the global financial transactions system here. With experience working with private, federal and state-owned banks, including central banks in the Asia-Pacific region, IBM partnered with Stellar, which attracted him with its innovation. 

Jesse Lund, head of blockchain development at IBM, said the Stellar platform is decentralized, scalable, high performance, open source and highly flexible. This became the main factor when choosing a partner for the corporation. Lund also said that IBM’s developments have brought closer the moment when central banks will use them to transfer fiat money to the Stellar network. 

Analysts also agree that Stellar’s partnership with IBM could eventually lead to the replacement of the global payment infrastructure standard SWIFT / IBAN. And this could have a strong impact on XLM’s position in the cryptocurrency market. 

2. Veridium 

Veridium, IBM and Stellar have partnered to target carbon credits for companies with significant environmental impacts. While carbon credits are not new in themselves, the process of tracking the full extent of pollution and the use of carbon credits is labor intensive and opaque. 

By moving this process into an easily controllable blockchain and digitizing carbon credits into VERDE tokens issued on the Stellar blockchain, the joint project gives polluting enterprises a transparent way to compensate for environmental damage.

 3. Stellar X 

Striving to gain recognition and leadership in the cryptocurrency exchange space, Stellar X is committed to creating an excellent decentralized trading platform. While the market has some concerns about “decentralization,” SDEX hopes to be an excellent cryptocurrency exchange platform, allowing Stellar to expand its reach. The use of the Stellar Anchor Network could bring beneficial benefits to SDEX. 

4. Open Garden 

Open Garden is a suite of applications that allows single users to share Internet access with those nearby and, by turning their phone into a hotspot, receive Lumens rewards for their data usage. In the US and Europe, such a mesh network is in little demand, but it fits perfectly into the Stellar Market Base, since the latter is aimed at regions where Internet access is limited for many. 

5. TillBilly 

The platform intends to develop a trading service in the Stellar network. This significantly reduces the cost of the purchase process compared to using credit and debit cards, smartphones, and automatically calculates bonuses. TillBilly is an integrated “tap & go” terminal connected to a terminal at the point of sale, where the customer can use an NFC-enabled card or phone 

  • make payments; 
  • automatically receive digital receipts (tax invoices) to his phone; 
  • collect loyalty bonuses. 

This platform relieves users of paper loyalty cards and receipts. 

6. Slice 

Real estate, especially American real estate, is a hit for all investors with a variety of investment opportunities. 

Reducing the risks when buying real estate in a foreign country with unfamiliar rules and requirements, the Slice application pre-tokenizes real estate projects, and thanks to protected assets on the blockchain network, it helps investors to acquire American properties or their shares, bypassing bureaucratic rules that complicate investment. Despite the competition, Slice is quite confident in the global real estate market. 

7. Sure Remit 

Sure Remit is a zero-commission mobile money transfer application designed primarily for immigrants from the African continent. Sure Remit has partnered with Stellar in Kenya, Rwanda and other African countries. It is generally accepted that Africa is its largest market: 250 million immigrants transferred about $ 600 billion a year to their loved ones home. With Sure Remit, you can pay utility bills and shop online. 

8. SmartLands 

SmartLands is a platform for tokenization of real economy assets such as agricultural lands built on the Stellar network. Cryptocurrency is gradually replacing fiat currency in the process of buying / selling land. Perhaps in the future, if cryptocurrency becomes more important in the process of investing in agricultural development, this project will pay off with large dividends.

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